Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wake Up! Tsunami Obama is coming!

Those watching the presidential nominee primary elections should zero in on something that is barely being spoken of in the news media, and that is the staggering numbers of voters that are coming out to vote for the Democrat nominees in contrast to Republican nominees.

My own assessment of this is that the media is not talking about this because they don't want the more conservative voters roused from their drowsiness in time to respond to the tsunami of support for Obama.

For instance,
in the Potomac primaries just held:
Democrat votes cast: 1,827,000
votes case 778,000

in the Feb 5 Super Tuesday vote in 19 states brought out:
Democrats 18.3 million
votes cast
Republicans 12.3 million
votes cast

6 million more Democratic voters!
Those are numbers that indicate that our nation is about to be run the next four years by someone who is so liberal that in the national security arena alone, our efforts to combat Islamic terrorist and our safety as a nation could be set back twenty years!

When I see how the leading voices of the Conservative movement are defending their holdout of backing the Republican candidate who already has the numbers to have won the nomination--BECAUSE they want to 'teach Republicans the lesson that you don't own our vote'--I am just appalled at the short-sightedness and self-importance they are displaying.

What? They think it is just a political game and 4 years of liberal leadership cannot severely damage this nation--especially from the security standpoint? It is appalling to see people that I have respected and agreed with over so many years on the issues, those with conservative and faith-based views, suddenly staging a mutiny from the conservative political party when such a groundswell of idealism is thrusting Barack Obama far into the lead of votes.

These self-absorbed conservatives are sacrificing this election to make the point they will not be under-valued in this election. (Hey-they could have put their great candidate forward at any time! Is it the fault of the Republican party that they did not get the vote out and McCain now has the numbers to take the nomination?) Truly this is a case of the proverbial cutting the nose off to spite the face!

To me this is like believers who argue point of theology without ever realizing that actual people are affected. It's not just politics. It's not just a game. This is about the future of the United States and our security is really on the line with this vote.

Whether you agree with what I've written here or not, we can agree that there is much disunity in the country at a time when there is a great deal at stake. Let's continue to pray for the unity among God's people and an awakening for those who are drowsy in a time a great spiritual warfare. Let us pray that none of those who have voices of influence among us will place their own ambitions and self-interests above the welfare of the nation--and if they do, that their constituency will not follow them into foolishness.

I have stood against Christians spreading of falsehoods about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I'm totally against that. But the reality is that our national security, and the U.S. alliance with the State of Israel, is hugely threatened by an Obama presidency (because of things on the record by his foreign affairs adviser, among other things).

God can redeem any situation, but if we can dodge the bullet of spending the next four years going in the opposite direction of our national security, then we sure ought to reach for that with great vigor. Otherwise, we are going to look up and find ourselves in the same vise grip as the European nations find themselves. Maybe this is the course we are getting set for...but I am going to personally wage war against that, in Yeshua's name!