Monday, August 15, 2016

The Spirit Behind Mein Kampf is Stirring


Many years ago I (Martin) remember coming across a translation of Hitler’s infamous book Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”), lying out on a carrel in the University library where I worked. Curious, I spent the next few hours scanning through the book. I found it a poorly-written and tedious jumble of bitter thoughts about his own youth, the problems of societies in general, and an argument for shaping a society based on of his Nazi convictions, especially as regarded race.

Hitler divided up humanity into categories regarding physical appearance, those with “Aryan” (i.e. Germanic) characteristics being at the top and supreme. Racially “inferior” peoples included Slavs (especially Poles, Czechs and Russians) —and Jews. Regarding the Nazi ideology, he wrote, “It by no means believes in an equality of races, but along with their difference it recognizes their higher or lesser value and feels itself obligated to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe.” (Cited in Wikipedia; Emphases ours.)

 It is significant that Hitler cited a spiritual “will that dominates” behind the system he was developing. It was not an “eternal” (and certainly not a holy) spirit—but it was powerful enough soon to be released, through the agency of a charismatic personality, into a financially and spiritually depressed society, one whose soul had become weakened by a century of spiritual compromise. Within twelve years this ancient and occult “will” had swallowed up and “dominated” the will of nations.

 For all the pages of material in Mein Kampf I scanned and flipped past that day in the library, I came away with really one terrible and lasting impression—he hated Jews. And he expressed this hatred in rhetoric which gave the impression that he truly believed it to be the most natural and rational viewpoint in the world.

He obviously felt it to be his high mission to enlighten those who hadn’t yet quite put it together, that the Jewish race was a blight on the earth, which, given time and means, should be finally eliminated. Hitler wrote this “autobiography” (actually dictated most of it to his friend Rudolph Hess) in his early 30’s while in prison for taking part in an attempted coup. It was published in two volumes in 1925 and 1926.

Mein Kampf was directed at those sympathetic to its author’s National Socialism ideals, and addresses many aspects of those ideals. Throughout is an over-arching focus on what he referred to as “the Jewish peril.” Hitler chronicles his own journey from considering himself opposed to anti-Semitism, to becoming an adherent of it. He wrote, “the nationalization of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggle for the soul of our people, their international poisoners are exterminated.”

And in a passage relating to the 1st World War, “If at the beginning of the war and during the war twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the nation had been subjected to poison gas, such as had to be endured in the field by hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers of all classes and professions, then the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.” (Ibid.)

 Hitler refers throughout Mein Kampf to Jews as “parasites, liars, dirty, crafty, sly, wily, clever, without any true culture, a sponger, a middleman, a maggot, eternal blood suckers, repulsive, unscrupulous, monsters, foreign, menace, bloodthirsty, avaricious…” (“The Rise of Adolf Hitler: Hitler’s BOOK “Mein Kampf’”; The History Place, 1996)

The book gained in popularity with the rise of the National Socialist state—by 1939 it is thought to have sold 5.2 million copies in eleven languages. By the end of the war, some 10 million copies had been sold or distributed in Germany, where copies are said to have been given freely to newly-wed couples and to soldiers fighting on the Nazi front (Ibid.). Although generally available in other countries, Mein Kampf has been held under a copyright by the Bavarian state government and not allowed to be published in Germany—until that copyright expired last year, 70 years after the death of its author. Suddenly, a fascination with the book has awakened in Europe and across the world.

On January 1, 2016, the book now having entered the public domain in Germany, Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History decided to republish it in an annotated version. The book reportedly sold out within hours on the German Amazon site.

The fascination was most blatantly manifest when in June the Italian newspaper Il Giornale began distributing free copies of an annotated Mein Kampf for subscribers who purchased a paid supplement in its Saturday edition. The owners of the daily defended their sales pitch, saying that its purpose is to study what is evil to avoid its return.” (“Italian newspaper under fire for giving away copies of Mein Kampf”: The Guardian, 11 June 2016). One wonders, realistically speaking, are the masses frequenting newsstands really intent on “studying what is evil in order to avoid its return?”

In a bazaar twist, which one suspects would have appalled recently deceased survivor Eli Wiesel, the Boston-based publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which has published some version of the book for decades, decided last month to avoid criticism by donating proceeds and royalties from Mein Kampf to Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston for “direct support of the health and human services needs of (Holocaust) survivors. (“ ‘Mein Kampf’ proceeds to aid Holocaust survivors”: “jewish world”, 06/30/16 1417).

We are not mentioning all this because we are afraid that thousands will be captivated by Mein Kampf, or because we think the book should be banned. Rather, we think it is important that intercessors be aware that a book whose chief notoriety is its attempt to render the abhorrence of Jews palatable has achieved an awakened fascination in our day—becoming a best-seller in the place of its birth and being mass-marketed along the Mediterranean where much of its ideology was embraced less than 80 years ago “in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe.”

We must be aware that this same “will”, which through Hitler came to “dominate” much of the universe then, is today rapidly resurfacing in other forms. “Islam” means “submission”—and at its core (read the Koran) is a despising of the Covenant People. The new “anti-Zionism,” championed by intellectuals in Europe, at its root hates and denigrates those partaking in the “return to Zion” to which the Hebrew race is divinely called.

We see the resurfacing of a fascination with Mein Kampf as only one symptom of a spiritual ground-work presently being laid for making hostility against Jews and Zion “understandable” if not openly embraced in the West. With this is in place, given the right catalyst (such as sharp economic decline), the ancient spectre of “The Jew” as being behind global conspiracies governing the economy, can easily re-awaken as being all too credible, even in supposedly “enlightened” societies. There is indeed a “conspiracy”—it is a spiritual conspiracy, and it is beginning to deceive a sleeping world.

PLEASE PRAY: * That the Body of Messiah around the world will awaken to an awareness that the covenant-hating spirit of anti-Semitism is re-awakening in different arenas of society…but that the LORD is our Banner, who is also at war with this spirit (Ex. 17:14-16).

* That the remnant in the Nations would be granted insight as to how to pray and act in holding back this evil in their lands—that nothing be allowed to manifest outside the timings of the Most High.

* That those in the Body in the Nations whom the Spirit is moving to prepare the way for assisting Jews in their return to Israel (even involving covering and protection under coming persecution), will hear and respond.

 * That Jews will hear the Aliyah-shofar sounding, and turn their sights towards Zion.

 * That Israel will receive divine guidance in preparing for massive Aliyah.

* That laws barring Messianic Jews from returning to Israel will come down. Pray YHVH drive out darkness from the gates, so that all who worship the King of Glory in spirit and in truth may come in!