Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Prayer Surge for Capture of Bin Laden

Do you know the word "kvetching"? It means complaining.
IsraelWatcher is about to do some:

A few weeks ago Francis Frangipane published a word about it being timely to join in a Prayer Surge for the Capture of Bin Laden that Dennis Cramer put out on behalf of an intercessor in Indiana. Two weeks after that a London Times article confirmed that indeed a multi-national push was on at the behest of President Bush to find Bin Laden. This is NOT a coincidence. Spiritual warfare is not disconnected from physical warfare.

So I wonder why so few are running with this? I just did a Google search and couldn't find a handful mentioning it on web sites.

Today I got notice of another prayer movement that is citing 9/11 as a wakeup call and calling for Christians to join in prayers on their courthouse steps this coming 9/11. I love that idea, but if 9/11 was a wakeup call - it would have to be a wake up call about Islamic terrorism - and seeming few are awake to the battles that are being fought on that battlefront.

Praying for the capture of Bin Laden would be one strong response that says, 'I'm awake about how important this is, Lord!'

We have terrorism trials going on all the time in th U.S. and most of the recent trials have ended up in mistrials. Over the last few months there have been several that have ended that way and I have to wonder, is anyone out there praying for justice in these trials? I mean, the counter-terrorism forces are working hard to bust and bring these people to the courts and then the juries can't even come to a decision that they mean us harm!

This is spiritual! Just like in the prayer points for praying for the capture of Bin Laden, it was pointed out that there there occult/demonic forces hiding and guiding Bin Laden in escaping capture. These same kind of forces come into play to blind U.S. citizens to the truth who are sitting on these juries in terror trials.

As I sat there last summer in the terrorism trial against the Holy Land Foundation defendants - a retrial that is set to be retried Sept 9th - I was so sure that as those jurors watched videos of kindergarteners in Gaza and in the United States act out being Hamas terrorists killing Israeli Jews and proclaiming death to Israel, that surely they could get it that this was an evil organization. Yet the trial ended in a mistrial.

If 9/11 was a wake up call to the U.S. - and I believe it was - it was NOT a general wake up call about general sins in America.

It was very specific: Wake up, children of the Living God because Islam is setting ambushments against you and you are dead asleep! Wake up and turn the tide in the Spirit. If My People are not standing in the gates, then the enemy will continue to flood in through the open doors of the United States without resistance! Wake up for yourselves and wake up for the sake of the world!

This is a prayer request for the wake up call to actually wake a few believers up. As Francis wrote in his article the following week about how we have to wake up to live our dreams:

There is a subtle activity of the enemy that dulls our perception and seduces our zeal. Our vision takes a backseat to other less important aspects of life. From the beginning, the voice of Satan has had this lulling effect on mankind. Eve’s excuse for disobedience was, "The serpent hath caused me to forget" (Gen. 3:13 Young’s Literal Trans.).

This applies to responding to the wake up call of 9/11. That was no general "judgment" of American sins. It was a wake up call because we have been asleep as the specter of Islam has been looming larger and larger in our world and our nation. We let Hamas raise funds for their cause in the United States from at least 1993 until the aftermath of 9/11 when President Bush said, Stop 'em and bring them to trial!

It is time those with understanding of the times spiritually began to intersect with the war that is being fought physically. These two are not two different fights, they are the same fight - we who wage spiritual warfare just haven't been in it with those waging the physical counter-terrorism war.

If you are an awake believer, here are some prayer points for the Bush Push to Capture Osama Bin Laden:

1. He has been protected by strong demonic powers who have actively worked to conceal his location and to prevent his capture.

2. He has been assisted by a type of demonic foresight which has allowed him to know the location of troops searching for him, allowing him to evade them.

3. God is going to destroy the demonic power that has been assisting him. This power will continue to dwindle until he is no longer aided and assisted by these demonic forces.

4. The Lord Himself is going to arrange Osama's capture - he will be found and taken much like Saddam Hussein was taken.

5. He will be jailed and not killed.

6. The Lord has already chosen His instrument, the man who will lead the mission to capture him.

7. The Holy Spirit is alerting the intercessors to pray for this. It is a God given burden to pray through in faith, until we see his capture.

8. We are to fight against the demonic powers in the spiritual, while the troops battle the enemy on the ground in the physical. There is a new warrior anointing the Lord is placing upon intercessors to specifically pray through this event.

9. Now is the season of his capture. It is time for militant intercession against the demonic powers concealing his location and providing him with foresight of troop movements. We are to understand, claim and proclaim the victory that Christ Himself has already provided. We are to be the enforcers of the victory God has already chosen to give.

10. We are to pray for the revelation of his location to the troops and authorities. God already knows where he is at this very moment and we are to pray for divine revelation of that location to those who will go get him.

11. We are to pray that God would bring this man and his organization to justice. The justice of the Lord will be brought to bear against him and his organization.