Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Israel is Ground Zero & We really are Charlie

  Post Charlie Hebdo:Je suis Charlie”
We really are Charlie, we just don’t recognize it yet

by Donna Diorio
I am working on an article. Here are some excerpts that I wanted to share after reading a tweet today about how Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was mistreated in Paris. It made me so angry, I cannot hold off. 

The French didn't want Netanyahu in the march at all, then tried to stick him in the second row where he was not so visible. They even tried to keep him from traveling to the bus where the national leaders traveled to the march, trying to stick him in bus #2 where all the underlings rode.  Yet they were perfectly comfortable with the participation of Palestinian president Abbas in a unity government with the terrorist group Hamas, and also the Hezballah terrorist group leader.

This tells me all I need to know about whether the French, and some of the other European leaders are really serious about doing something about radical Islam. As long as they refuse to understand that Israel is ground zero of the battle against radical Islam, and that Israel is fighting a defensive war out of necessity to survive, well there is nothing that such international leaders can possibly come up with to protect their own nations. The hypocrisy is so great it has to be a stench in the nostrils of God! I do include the U.S. in that.

Does that mean that we are all doomed? No - for those of us who know better, it means we must keep up the spiritual fight. Israel is the issue that is demonstrating whether the people of each nation is choosing God's side, or making a pact with death.

A few days ago I was listening from the other room when a former military intelligence man, Andrew Peek, was telling Fox News (America's News HQ) that in the early 70's terrorism was not Islamic, but came from other groups.  That is not really true. 

Although Israel was the only target, Islamic terrorism was being established by Yasser Arafat as early as 1958 as he began to form terror cells. By the late 1960's, Arafat's Fatah terrorists were doing guerrilla attacks and terror sky-jackings.  The "Father of Terrorism" was Yasser Arafat.  He was not a particularly religious man but that did not stop him from using radical Islamist doctrines to stir supporters. 

Peek's point was that depending on where you think terrorism has sprung up from will determine how you think it ought to be fixed. Like a great many people, Peek apparently believes that Islamic terrorism is the result of jobless, disaffected youth, who have no hope for opportunity in the world.

Think about this. Yasser Arafat had a long career as a terrorist trying to convince Jews they should just give up on the Israeli homeland. Finally Europe was convinced that if they just reinvented Yasser Arafat calling him a diplomat instead of a terrorist, that they could neutralize terrorism. They were wrong; all they did is multiply terrorism.

It is not poverty that motivates Islamic terrorism and no one is going to cure the problem by handing out rewarding jobs to jihadis.

Many in America think that the U.S. does not have the same problems as Europe because the EU didn't do a good enough job assimilating Muslims as  America has. It's a wrong conclusion because the truth is that the US is about 15 years behind Europe and the UK in being Islamisized.  Too many Muslims in the Western nations don't want assimilation, they want to overtake us.

People in the West have yet to come to grips with that truth, but it doesn't make it any less true. No, not all Muslims are evil or radical, but most of America has not awakened to the facts about Islam. The UK and EU are just beginning to be forced to. Unfortunately, the current US president has accelerated the process by emboldening the Islamists to come out of the proverbial closet.

Unfortunately, human nature has a history of ignoring approaching disaster until it is on the verge of too late. We are seeing this in the Jews being forced to flee France in fear for their lives, as they soon will also flee other European nations like Belgium, and also the UK.

Unfortunately, even though we disdain Neville Chamberlain, at the time he was saying what Brits wanted to hear and Winston Churchill was not. Churchill was shunned - until disaster hit and all of Europe was on the verge of too late. If the US had not entered the fight, it would have been too late for them.

The popular Fox News program The Kelly File asks what we can learn from Israel's fight with terrorism.  My answer is EVERYTHING.  Israel is ground zero of the Islamic terrorism that plagues the world today.  Israel's fight is our fight, yet one of the primary reasons that the nations are plagued with the terrorism threat today is because of their hypocrisy in not backing Israel in years past. 

If the nations had not given legitimization to terrorists like Yasser Arafat, making him out as if he were a world leader instead of the terrorist he was until the day he died, then we could have stopped Islamic terror where it was birthed.

 Instead of backing the victim of terrorism, Israel, we winked and nodded at terrorist acts, calling Israel's defensive of herself the moral equivalent of Islamic terrorism against Israel.  The terrorism that the nations are reaping now, are exactly what they have sown in hypocrisy with Israel. That doesn't make me happy to say, but it is the truth of the matter.