Friday, July 16, 2010

Jack Teitel: Psyched Out? or just Psyched Up by Radical Ideology?

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There have been several developments over the past 24 hours that will impact the case against Jack Teitel. Teitel, who confessed to Israeli law enforcement worked with the anti-missionary group Yad L'Achim, is the Jewish terrorist who attempted to murder Messianic pastor David Ortiz in Ariel. Instead of the gift basket bomb killing Pastor David, it was open by their teenage son, Ami, who miraculously lived through the blast but was severely injured. Ami has just completed his 14th surgery to repair his damaged body as a result of the blast that nearly killed him on Purim in 2008.

First Development to Report:
The hearing in the trial against Jack Teitel that had been scheduled to take place on Wednesday July 14th was postponed until September. The hearing was set for the court psychiatrist to report on whether Teitel was mentally fit to stand trial. Leah Ortiz wrote in an update on 7/13:

We were informed today by our lawyer that the hearing scheduled for tomorrow to determine Yakov Teitel's ability to stand trial has been postponed again by the psychiatrists until the beginning of September! There could be many reasons for this, but at any rate it is clear that the court psychiatrist is continuing to re-evaluate. Our lawyer said that the term - "psychotic state" which is what the psychiatrist has determined that Teitel is in, is like the flu in psychiatric terms - something that comes and goes, easily. All we can do is wait - since God is always working, we will give Him the glory and assume that it is all in His hands, and that no matter what the plan or scheme of the enemy of our souls, all things will work together for good. We continue to pray for Teitel and his family's salvation, for our lawyer, the judges, the families of the other victims, and all concerned with this case. We pray that what needs to be brought out into the light will be revealed, because we believe that the Lord wants to do something bigger than what we can see at this time.

Second Development to Report: There is breaking news in Israel on 7/15 that the Israeli security service Shin Bet has arrested another Jewish terrorist from the extreme right-wing settlers for a series of shooting attack murders of Palestinians on West Bank Roads. As a media report in an Israeli newspaper put it,
"A Jewish suspect is brought to the Shin Bet for questioning while he enjoys significant backing from the right: there is an organized group of activists, defense attorneys, and media handlers, all making an effort to extricate him from the hands of the law unscathed." Source: Ha'aretz

There are several similarities involved in this most recent arrest and the arrest of Jack (Yakov) Teitel and this latest arrest should make it even more difficult to get the Israeli public to buy into the notion that Teitel's murderous actions were caused by mentally instability rather than an extremist right wing ideology.

Third Development to Report: There is a lengthy new profile article on Jack Teitel published Wednesday in a Jewish online magazine, Tablet - A New Read on Jewish Life. "V" is for Victory is a fair article, with interviews by the Ortiz family included written by a non-Jewish Polish reporter in his 30's. Tablet Magazine was going to publish the story in installments, but instead published the full profile in one article.

Please read this article - it is important because it is going out before a wide Jewish readership and the article is not steeped in denial of the truth of Teitel's radicalism.

Now that another radical settler has been arrested in almost the exact same circumstances as Teitel - except that he is not charged with the attempted murder of a Messianic or a Leftist - it shows that Teitel is radical, not mentally defective in the psychiatric sense, but radicalized to extremist violence.

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