Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We Are Not in the First Chapter of God's Plan to Save All Israel Anymore

by Donna Diorio
Published as a FACEBOOK NOTE on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 8:03am

Please pray for Israel Messianic Jews who are organizing and leading the Boycott Durban III rally across from the UN at noon today. This is an important event in more ways than one. Spiritually it significant because of the support the Israeli govt has thrown behind the Messianic Israeli Human Rights Attorney organizing it - Calev Myers. 

When we read the Book of Acts we see only the first chapter of God's intent to save all Israel being played out. We see a great deal of resistance to the Gospel because that was the plan of God - Who concluded / "shut up together, enclosed" them all in unbelief, that He might have mercy on all. 

Okay, so in God's plan, it was necessary AT THAT TIME to shut up Israel's ability to discern their Messiah, so God could extend the mercy of salvation to all the nations. That was Chapter 1 of the salvation of the Jews through the faith in His Messiah of Israel.

Resistance to the Gospel by Jews has been with us a long time because it was necessary to the plan of God being fulfilled BUT that doesn't mean the resistance we read about in ACTS is supposed to be the response from the Jewish people to the end of days! That was Chapter 1 of God's salvation of the Jews through Messiah Yeshua, today we have gone through a page turn that has put us in a new day of God's plan.

We are so conditioned to the days behind us that we can barely perceive a mighty new day has dawned upon us!

The resistance to the Gospel is a habitual response of the Jewish people. How will that negative habit be broken? The same way it is being broken in this instance.

Calev Myers' has the favor of many in Israel even though he is a Messianic Jew, and even though he represents most of the discrimination cases that Messianic believers file in Israel. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice stands for democratic fairness in many issues in Israel and is the only Israeli human right's organization to be pro-Zionist.

When no one was doing much of anything about the racism of the UN's "anti-racism" Durban conference, JIJ stood up and cried, Not on my watch!

JIJ fights for what is right and good, and worth fighting for - including the right of all Jews to choose on their own what they believe without being singled out for persecution because they chose to follow the Jew from Galilee.

The point is that Calev is most definitely a target of religious persecution - but he is also a man who walks in the great favor of many Israelis, including many influential Israelis. That is a page turn. That is a new chapter in the tale of God's plan for the salvation of all Israel.

Yes, there is still intense religious resistance to the faith of Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua - but that does not mean that the Jews are still "shut up together/enclosed" in unbelief by God.

WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR EXPECTATIONS to include the habit of Jewish resistance of the gospel beginning to fade and fall away!

I have been getting a hint of this over the past few days, and this morning I am seeing it even more clearly, as I'm sure it will continue to gel in my understanding in the days ahead. But what the takeaway here is that we must understand that we are in a new day of the salvation of all Israel, and although it does not mean an end to religious persecution, it does mean that we should not be ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation. 

We need to understand that the glory of the LORD is rising upon the Messianic Jews like Calev Myers who are walking in a Daniel anointing of wisdom, integrity and fidelity to Yeshua. That may make him the target of religious Jews who have a habit of resisting the Gospel, but that does not tell the whole story for all Jews! Calev has FAVOR with God AND MAN.

It is a new day and we need to raise our expectations to see the unbelief falling away from the Jewish people as they compare the acts of say, Yad L'Achim to those of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice! No comparison between those who are activists for what is right and good, and those whose only mission is to persecute.

Closing Note on Sept 27, 2011:  Later on the day I wrote the above the Boycott Durban III rally took place without Calev Myers taking the podium.  It was his own choice to stand down because of the uproar that had been created by several American Jewish organizations.  Just in the past day I have read that one of the most prominent rally cries heard that day was, "Not on our watch!" 

Then 2 days later news also reached us of the death on that same Thusday of Yad L'Achim founder, Rabbi Dov Lipshitz.  This is more than coincidence at work here. 

Our comments in the above all came before these events transpired, and we believe that indeed a page has turned and our expectations in the harvest should follow suit.