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Israel Related News You Can Trust 3 27 2019

White House Signing Ceremony with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu
as USA Officially Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights

Praying the Headlines:  Israel Related News You Can Trust 3 27 2019
Trump Remains Most Pro-Israel President Ever 

     The Purim Miracle: Israel's Golan Heights
Trump Signs Document Officially Recognizing Israeli Control Over Golan | Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post | "Today I am taking historic action to promote Israel’s ability to defend itself, and really to have very powerful and very strong national security, which they are entitled to have.”

VIDEO Ron Cantor Debunks Reports that Trump's Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights is No Big Deal. Ron says WRONG: It is a big deal that released something positive in the spiritual realm. The courage of President Trump's pro-Israel moves has given other nations the courage to follow his lead.     

Why Trump’s Golan Heights Gesture Won’t Derail Peace | Jonathan S. Tobin, National Review | And the clear message it sends to allies and enemies of Israel. Since there’s no peace process worthy of the name, it’s better to stand with our ally — and send a warning to Iran.

Reaction to Trump’s Golan move illustrates the growing divide over Israel | Jonathan S Tobin, JNS Daily Syndicate | Democrats aren’t cheering the president’s embrace of a consensus Israeli position, while their leading presidential contenders are boycotting AIPAC.

US Secretary of State Pompeo Makes Unprecedented Visit to Western Wall in Jerusalem | Algemeiner Staff | This marked the first-ever tour of the Jewish holy site by a top American diplomat accompanied by an Israeli official. In the past, the US government had sought to avoid tacitly recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the parts of Jerusalem it took control of in the 1967 Six-Day War.

     Global Leadership: Time to Favor Israel

US Sanctions Iran’s Nuclear Research Unit, Urges Tehran to Negotiate | Reuters and Algemeiner Staff | “The US government is taking decisive action against actors at all levels in connection with Iran‘s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND) who have supported the Iranian regime’s defense sector,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

These EU states just took an unprecedented stand for Israel at the UN Human Rights Council | by Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA | In a major policy reversal by Western members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, all its European Union member states voted against a permanent item singling out Israel.

UK Bans Hezbollah | Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute | "Hezbollah themselves have laughed off the suggestion there is a difference. I've carefully considered the evidence and I'm satisfied they are one and the same with the entire organisation linked to terrorism." — UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

     Global Islamist Terrorism is Always Anti-Israel

Austrian Chancellor Says Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism ‘Two Sides of the Same Coin’ | Benjamin Kerstein, Algemeiner | In an address at a conference held by the American Jewish Committee’s Transatlantic Institute on Thursday, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, “In today’s political climate, antisemitism and anti-Zionism are often two sides of the same coin.”

IPT Exclusive: Anti-Israel AMP's Inadvertent "Truth" | IPT News | "Speaking truth to power" was the theme Sunday for the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) Chicago chapter's fundraising dinner. At least five AMP officials and speakers were part of a defunct network created by the Muslim Brotherhood in America called the "Palestine Committee." It was tasked with helping Hamas politically and financially, court records show. An investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism also found that the AMP carries out tasks similar to the old Palestine Committee, including fundraising, propaganda and lobbying.

So it was little surprise that the AMP dinner honored Marc Lamont Hill with its "Al Quds [Jerusalem] Award." Hill warned Palestinian supporters last October against adhering to "a civil rights tradition which romanticizes nonviolence." He also falsely accuses Israel of poisoning Palestinian water.

Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Islamic Groups Tied to Terror | By Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon | Democratic freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) has been holding a series of secret fundraisers with groups that have been tied to the support of terrorism, appearances that have been closed to the press and hidden from public view.

The Campaign to Make Omar's Anti-Semitism Unassailable | IPT News | Two prominent American-Islamist political activists, both avowed opponents of Israel's existence, renewed complaints Monday that the recent controversy involving U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar's series of anti-Semitic statements was unjust.

The Media Goes to Bat for Congressional Antisemitism | Sean Durns, JNS | “Sunlight,” the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote, “is said to be the best disinfectant.” However, the press is failing to provide such light with full and honest reporting about the mainstreaming of antisemitism in Congress. Their failure will enable the virus to spread.

Israel Designates Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV as a Terrorist Organization | IPT | Israeli authorities revealed last month that Hamas recruiters posing as journalists conveyed secret messages to West Bank operatives via al-Aqsa TV. According to a recent report from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, Palestinian terrorists often rely on media affiliations to communicate with operatives and avoid being targeted by Israel during conflicts.

The protests Hamas don’t want you to see | Joshua S Block, Times of Israel blogs | Gazans have spent 12 years under a tyrannical regime that spends its vast sums on arms rather than food for its people. Those who follow events in the Middle East are no stranger to the weekly riots on the Gaza-Israeli border, but there are other protests going on you probably haven’t heard much about. Why? Because Hamas doesn’t want you to know

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Israel Related News You Can Trust 20 Mar 2019

Shia-Supremacy Related

New Hizballah Terror Network in Syria Exposed | Yaakov Lappin for IPT News | The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced last week that it uncovered a new, covert Hizballah terrorist network operating in southern Syria with the backing of Iran. The announcement is an indication that the radical Shi'ite axis has not stopped in its efforts turn Syria into a base of operations.
Iranian Commander: All of Israel within reach of Hezbollah's missiles | Jerusalem Post | Tehran deployed some of its warships to Bab el-Mandeb strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

Congress Unloads on Pro-Iran Deal Forces in Trump Administration | Adam Kredo for Free Beacon |Top GOP lawmakers unite against bid to grant Iran reprieve from sanctions. A debate has been raging inside the Trump administration for months over how far it will go to sanction the Iranian regime. While President Donald Trump has promised a "maximum pressure" campaign to choke off Tehran's resources, the State and Treasury Departments have advocated in favor of waivers permitting Iran to continue sensitive nuclear work as well as its lucrative oil trade.
US Declares West Bank and Golan No Longer “Occupied Territories” | Israel Today | For first time ever, the US State Department's annual human rights report doesn't call Golan and West Bank "occupied"

IDF: Hezbollah head of Golan operations murdered U.S. troops in Iraq (WATCH) | Jerusalem Post | The Hezbollah terrorist organization has begun an attempt to establish and entrench a covert force in the Syrian Golan Heights.

American Islamist Related

Omar Headlines for CAIR | John Hinderaker for Powerline | The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is, like al Qaeda and Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR masquerades as a civil rights organization, but is actually a supporter of terrorism, as was demonstrated in the Holy Land Foundation case, where CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator. CAIR is also viciously anti-Israel and anti-Semitic 
Online petition calls for investigation of Omar, Tlaib and CAIR | Jerusalem Post  | An online petition started by the group Stop Antisemitism calls on the US attorney general William Barr and special antisemitism envoy Elan Carr to take a deep look at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR.

Good Guys

Clash at UN: Experts Refute UN Gaza Inquiry's Findings
| UN Watch briefing email |GENEVA, March 18, 2019 — In testimony this morning at the United Nations, a panel of military and legal experts rejected a report presented by the UN Human Rights Council which accuses Israeli soldiers of alleged “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” on the Gaza border, and calls for their arrest. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Italian Mayor Take a Stand against Barring Israelis | Alegemeiner |The mayor of Santa Teresa Gallura, Italy, recently cancelled an international jazz festival set to be held in August in the city after the program’s artistic director expressed support for barring Israeli artists from participating in the event, the blog Israellycool reported on Friday.

Its planned Israel trip explains why J Street is losing the fight with the far-left | Jonathan S. Tobin, JNS | The left-wing group’s effort to compete with Birthright Israel represents a backhanded acknowledgement of Jewish state’s centrality that its anti-Zionist allies abhor.

Bad Guys 

Palestinian Red Crescent to host BDS conference | By Maurice Hirsch, Adv. and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for PMW Palestinian Media Watch | In direct breach of its commitments, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), which is a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is set to host a BDS conference.

Southern Poverty Law Center fires its co-founder, Morris Dees | Don't Stop With Morris Dees: Former Employees Told SPLC to 'Clean House at the Top' | PJ Media | The SPLC Claims the U.S. Is Three Times More Hateful Than It Actually Is ...."cares more about raising money than anything else. The amount of money they rake in, is totally out of proportion to the work that they do."

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Israel Related News You Can Trust Mar 6 2019


Jerusalem, We Have a Problem | by David Lazarus, Israel Today | Netanyahu's legal woes have ratcheted up Israel's raucous election scene to unprecedented levels of insanity

The Netanyahu indictments: unfair and inevitable | by Jonathan S Tobin, JNS | The charges against the prime minister set an unfortunate precedent in more ways than one.  Here are four takeaways from the charges against him. First, the corruption allegations are, in fact, highly questionable, and it’s hard to believe they can be sustained in a fair court of law.

What Bibi’s Indictment Means | by Avi Bell, Tablet Magazine | The attorney general’s misguided decision to charge the prime minister with bribery and breach of trust may spell trouble for the future of Israeli democracy. The criminal charges against the prime minister lack legal substance, and they threaten both the rule of law in Israel and the health of its democracy. Professor Alan Dershowitz said as much in several op-eds and an open letter to Mandelblit in recent months, and he is absolutely right.


Palestinians: Marching Backwards as Israel Prepares for Elections | by Khaled Abu Toameh , Gatestone Institute | Instead of marching Palestinians towards democracy, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas have chosen the model of totalitarianism as a way of governing their people.

IDF strikes Hamas post in response to explosive balloons | Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post | 8,000 Palestinians took part in Gaza riots. IDF aircraft struck multiple Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the launching of explosive balloons towards Israel Saturday night.


IPT Concludes Two-Part Video Series About Anti-Semitism on the Left | The Investigative Project on Terrorism | Polling shows a growing divide within the Democratic Party when it comes to support for Israel. he party's younger, more liberal members increasingly support the Palestinians more than Israel, which could lead to changes in the party platform, and perhaps, U.S. support. Three new members of Congress are amplifying that agenda.

Progressive Replacement Theology | Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine | Why the left is repeating Christianity’s most dangerous historical mistakes, and why it’s very, very bad for the Jews

The United Church of Christ Wrongfully Attacks Israel | by Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute | Mistakes and falsehoods such as those we encounter throughout the UCC's misnamed guide to "Promoting a Just Peace in Palestine-Israel", each one seemingly trivial, cannot be dismissed as the results of a moment's inattention. Much effort has gone into the writing of this Guide, and factual errors, which take up so much of the text, are clearly the result of conscious assumptions that have never been checked against reputable facts.

Social Media Mind Control

Fatah under fire for inflammatory Facebook posts | Ron Cantor, Messiah's Mandate | The Palestinian president’s party is under fire for incendiary posts on its Facebook page that include drawings of Jews being murdered and praise for terrorists who killed dozens of Israelis, including children, among other inflammatory posts.

Facebook Still Championing Blasphemy Laws | Judith Bergman, Gatestone | Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now appears to be more intent on censorship than ever. In a recent memo, written in mind-numbing, bureaucratic obfuscatese, he described his plan to discourage "borderline content", a concept appearing to be so meaningless as to encompass anything that Zuckerberg and Facebook might ever want to censor..... It should, however, be of little surprise that CAIR executives are able to wield such power over social media.

High Note

Israeli Christians Call for Esther-Like Fast After Syria Pullout Decision | CBN News | The fast was initiated by Succat Hallel, a 24/7 house of prayer overlooking the Temple Mount. "There are some urgent developments in the Middle East that are so important that we believe decisions will be made in these next two months that could affect the destiny—the fate of millions of people in this region and even the future of Israel," Rick Ridings, founder of Succat Hallel, explains in a video.

Sea of Galilee level rises after heavy weekend rain | The water level of Israel’s main freshwater reservoir has risen by an additional 7.5 centimeters (three inches) following this weekend’s heavy rain, the national Water Authority said on Sunday.

Low Note

The Kedushah Crisis | Sexual abstinence of married men roils the Hasidic sects of Gur, Slonim, and Toledot Aharon | By Benjamin Brown, Tablet | Kedushah (holiness) was developed as a pietistic ideal for the virtuous few, encouraging married men to limit to the minimum the frequency and modes of sexual intercourse with their wives. Today, the Hasidic groups of Gur, Slonim, and Toledot Aharon (Toldes Aaron) have radicalized this ideal by imposing it on the community as a whole.