Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Israel Related News You Can Trust Mar 6 2019


Jerusalem, We Have a Problem | by David Lazarus, Israel Today | Netanyahu's legal woes have ratcheted up Israel's raucous election scene to unprecedented levels of insanity

The Netanyahu indictments: unfair and inevitable | by Jonathan S Tobin, JNS | The charges against the prime minister set an unfortunate precedent in more ways than one.  Here are four takeaways from the charges against him. First, the corruption allegations are, in fact, highly questionable, and it’s hard to believe they can be sustained in a fair court of law.

What Bibi’s Indictment Means | by Avi Bell, Tablet Magazine | The attorney general’s misguided decision to charge the prime minister with bribery and breach of trust may spell trouble for the future of Israeli democracy. The criminal charges against the prime minister lack legal substance, and they threaten both the rule of law in Israel and the health of its democracy. Professor Alan Dershowitz said as much in several op-eds and an open letter to Mandelblit in recent months, and he is absolutely right.


Palestinians: Marching Backwards as Israel Prepares for Elections | by Khaled Abu Toameh , Gatestone Institute | Instead of marching Palestinians towards democracy, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas have chosen the model of totalitarianism as a way of governing their people.

IDF strikes Hamas post in response to explosive balloons | Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post | 8,000 Palestinians took part in Gaza riots. IDF aircraft struck multiple Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the launching of explosive balloons towards Israel Saturday night.


IPT Concludes Two-Part Video Series About Anti-Semitism on the Left | The Investigative Project on Terrorism | Polling shows a growing divide within the Democratic Party when it comes to support for Israel. he party's younger, more liberal members increasingly support the Palestinians more than Israel, which could lead to changes in the party platform, and perhaps, U.S. support. Three new members of Congress are amplifying that agenda.

Progressive Replacement Theology | Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine | Why the left is repeating Christianity’s most dangerous historical mistakes, and why it’s very, very bad for the Jews

The United Church of Christ Wrongfully Attacks Israel | by Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute | Mistakes and falsehoods such as those we encounter throughout the UCC's misnamed guide to "Promoting a Just Peace in Palestine-Israel", each one seemingly trivial, cannot be dismissed as the results of a moment's inattention. Much effort has gone into the writing of this Guide, and factual errors, which take up so much of the text, are clearly the result of conscious assumptions that have never been checked against reputable facts.

Social Media Mind Control

Fatah under fire for inflammatory Facebook posts | Ron Cantor, Messiah's Mandate | The Palestinian president’s party is under fire for incendiary posts on its Facebook page that include drawings of Jews being murdered and praise for terrorists who killed dozens of Israelis, including children, among other inflammatory posts.

Facebook Still Championing Blasphemy Laws | Judith Bergman, Gatestone | Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now appears to be more intent on censorship than ever. In a recent memo, written in mind-numbing, bureaucratic obfuscatese, he described his plan to discourage "borderline content", a concept appearing to be so meaningless as to encompass anything that Zuckerberg and Facebook might ever want to censor..... It should, however, be of little surprise that CAIR executives are able to wield such power over social media.

High Note

Israeli Christians Call for Esther-Like Fast After Syria Pullout Decision | CBN News | The fast was initiated by Succat Hallel, a 24/7 house of prayer overlooking the Temple Mount. "There are some urgent developments in the Middle East that are so important that we believe decisions will be made in these next two months that could affect the destiny—the fate of millions of people in this region and even the future of Israel," Rick Ridings, founder of Succat Hallel, explains in a video.

Sea of Galilee level rises after heavy weekend rain | The water level of Israel’s main freshwater reservoir has risen by an additional 7.5 centimeters (three inches) following this weekend’s heavy rain, the national Water Authority said on Sunday.

Low Note

The Kedushah Crisis | Sexual abstinence of married men roils the Hasidic sects of Gur, Slonim, and Toledot Aharon | By Benjamin Brown, Tablet | Kedushah (holiness) was developed as a pietistic ideal for the virtuous few, encouraging married men to limit to the minimum the frequency and modes of sexual intercourse with their wives. Today, the Hasidic groups of Gur, Slonim, and Toledot Aharon (Toldes Aaron) have radicalized this ideal by imposing it on the community as a whole.

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