Sunday, August 10, 2014

Christians Backing the Demonic Claim

I'm thinking about the outbreaks of severe anti-semitism in places like France, Britain, Ukraine and the growing threat that is even showing its ugly head in the great refuge of the United States of America. This should not surprise us since the apostle John said that even in the time he lived that there were many antichrists whereby we knew it was the last days, so for certain there many more evident today.

You may say, Wait a minute! John was talking about antichrists not anti-semites! Same difference. Why do you think anti-semites hate Jews? Because Jesus came from and is coming back to them.

Right now we are seeing another wave of Jews scattered throughout the nations being driven by hatred back to the Land of God, the land they were led by God to in the first place, and the land that God is going to make His last stand against evil.

When I say last stand, I'm not saying that like there is any question who will come out the Victor in the dispute over the land of Israel, and over that Holy Mountain where God placed His name, and thus His ownership, long ago. The prophets all spoke about God's "holy mountain" and the future of it. Islam may be making a claim on it now, but when Yeshua the Messiah of Israel rises up to take His throne there, Islamists will not be able to hold onto it.

That's why they fight so hard now - the demons will try to kill as many Jews as possible saying, If I can't have it, I will make sure you can't either. That is where we are today, but where are Christians standing in that matter? Too many are backing the demonic claim. Israel is not yet all saved, but the promise of God is toward them.

Wake up Christianity, or you in your blindness will choose to fight with the hounds of hell.

God's Holy Mountain is not just an invisible "spiritual Zion" but a solid physical, geographical reality just as the prophets indicated, like Zechariah 8: "Thus says the LORD; I am returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the LORD of hosts the holy mountain."

You can't spiritualize away the specific location that God has marked as His. The Dome of the Rock may stand there now, but it is strictly temporary.  Islam and the antichrists that support Islamists are the reason that God Himself will make His ownership of that mountain unquestionable.

(Not the unsaved rabbis of various temple mount movements - but Yeshua will make the final ownership claim of that mountain.)

Many Americans don't think that American Jews will flee to Israel like they are now fleeing from other nations, but it is coming. The antichrist spirits in America have certainly joined forces with the God-haters of Islam. Together they are already waging a covert war on Christians in the US, and the wave of anti-semitism-disguised-as-anti-Zionism is becoming more and more bold here.

Last week a famous British anti-semite, George Galloway, a member of the British Parliament, declared the northern city of Bradford an "Israel free zone". His remarks - which are under police investigation - came out of pro-Gaza (pro-Hamas) demonstrations much like the ones we've been seeing here in the U.S.  Ours are not yet as violent as theirs.

Don't assume that the USA is immune to becoming an anti-semitic, hate-spewing crowd like we are seeing from European nations. Not when a rabbi is shot dead in the streets of Miami just two blocks from a synagogue that just had hate speech written on its walls - including the word Hamas.

Hatred is driving Jews back to God's land that is surrounded by seething hatred from demonized Islamists who cannot stand the superior claim that Jews have to the Land and to that Holy Mountain of God.

You will notice that the war in Islamist states is not just against Jews, it is also against Christians. Our country has tried to build relationship with Islamic states for strategic economic reasons, and have been trying to bring them into the modern world. That has meant a willingness to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of Christians in some Islamist nations. That goes back much farther than Barack Obama, unfortunately, but under Obama the abuse and murder of Christians in Islamist nations has increased exponentially. It is at a blood-lusting frenzy right now in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria.

Even here in the United States, as the antichrist spirits continue to rise among the God-haters on the Left, Christians are seeing the beginning swell of antichrist persecution. Remember in Nazi Germany the persecution began in restriction and regulations, and wearing an instant identification so citizens could avoid contact with Jews.

We better remember that we are fighting for our own freedom while we are also standing up for Israel's right to exist. The hatred of Christianity is ultimately tied in with the hatred of Israel - Jews are the Saturday people and Christians are the Sunday people that Islamists are intent to deal with.

The hatred of the only people on earth who were ever singled out by God as a nation to stand before Him, should be a big clue to the reality of our spiritual kinship, because we are individuals who have been singled out by God to become a holy nation before Him. Our Individual singling out cannot erase their national singling out.

We are in this battle to the finish which is why it is important to choose our side wisely in the battle between demonic hatred of Israel and Jews.