Monday, February 9, 2015

Islamism: Discerning Friend & Foe

This is an article that will not make sense to those of you who are not Christians or Messianic Jews.  I didn't write it for you, so understand that upfront.  - Donna Diorio

Saturday afternoon I witnessed a circular firing squad on Twitter among several of the counter-terrorism writers in the United States. They were attacking an article - actually a response to attacks on himself - by Dr Zhudi Jasser, a Muslim man who speaks the truth about radical Islam on news programs.

Now, I know that many of you dearly love Pamela Geller, but she is chief among those who accuse other counter-terrorism people. Dr. Jasser is just one in a line of CT experts that I know of that Geller has attacked furiously and unfairly. I don't know if she is just a hot head or if it is professional jealousy over those who have been given a much greater platform to speak on the news programs. I think the latter has been the case with 3 TOP names in anti-slamist experts I've watched Geller attack over the years.

The reason that news programs don't use Geller is very likely because she makes a lot of emotional accusations that she can't back up and is certainly seen as a loose cannon. Not to mention what a publicity hound she is. Of course many in the public feed on that kind of thing but not honest news media platforms with any crediblity.

Now I understand that Islam is a dead end street. If the foundations are demonic, which I believe they are, then good fruit cannot be borne from a bad root tree.

HOWEVER, and this is big: Any time you have an honest Muslim like Dr. Jasser willing to take a lead in calling out not only the radical jihadists who commit terror attacks, but also the stealth jihadists of political Islam - those wolves in sheep's clothing seeking to overtake through political strength - then you better support that Muslim and not attack them.

That's exactly what I was seeing in the Twitter war that broke out against Dr. Jasser who was objecting to the Geller characterization of him as a stealth jihadist practicing taqiya on the American public. That is a STUPID accusation and the circular firing squad got it completely wrong. One way I know that is because Dr. Jasser is attacked equally furiously by the political Islamists in this country like CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood associated stealth jihadists. Geller knows that too, which is why it is so baffling that she would try to destroy Jasser's credibility.

We better wake up and realize that if we attack our friends the same way we attack our real enemies that we are doing harm to ourselves and our cause. There are honest Muslims speaking out against radical Islam and political Islam.

If you will remember, Mosad Hassan was not a Christian first and then an informer for the MOSSAD on his father's own HAMAS group. Mosab began as just an honest man seeking justice and recoiling from what he percieved as evil. It didn't matter to him that his own dad was a spiritual founder of Hamas because God was stirring in Mosab to discern good from evil.
If Israel had treated Mosab like some US counterterrorism people are treating Dr. Jasser, do you think that Mosab would have continued to expose the plans of Hamas? No. And we need to give room to Muslims like Mosab and Dr. Jasser to speak and act on their honest assessment of the evil, and also leave the room for the Holy Spirit to call those to the LORD whom He has chosen.

Now I realize that it is often difficult to discern those who are walking in deception in US political Jihad. Our government is filled up with many of those purposefully deceiving and this administration is in particular willfully blind about the true intent of these political Islamists. This administration above all the others in the past don't want to know the truth.

Which is why it is doubly tragic that anti-Islamist counterterrorism experts should attack a true voice Dr. Jasser who has NO TIES to all the stealth jidhad organizations in the U.S. and abroad. If anyone should know better that Jasser's ties are not to those people, it was the people I saw attacking Jasser yesterday on Twitter.

Jesus made two opposing statements that illuminates how to tell the difference between those who are serving the purposes of God and those who are opposing it whether they are opposing openly or not:

Mathew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad.

Luke 9:50 Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

We can tell steal-jihadists who claim innocence yet continually work in the public realm to condemn and accuse God's people - Christians and Jews. These are represented in groups like CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups who are political Islam. In the end plan, political Islamists will merge back with their terroristic brothers when they have achieved enough political strength to oppress and dominate.

Those that are within our ranks as Christian and Messianic in faith, those who are dividing the Body rather than gathering the Body together, are those Yeshua was referring to in Matthew 12:30).

Dr. Jasser, like Mosab Hassan before him, (and others!) is to be found in Luke 9:50.
The polarity here is a matter of discernment, and how to assess those who are within our ranks but are merely devisive, or those who are not part of us at all, but do not wage against us. In the first example are the stealth jihadists or political Islam; in the second example is Dr. Zhudi Jasser.

This is the link to the response article by Dr. Jasser that drew out CT news media against Jasser and for Geller. My stand is with Dr. Jasser, as it was with the other CT experts when Geller was attacking them.