Monday, March 3, 2014

Moral Equivalence

When I was blogging in the 1990's on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the term "moral equivalence" was a major talking point. 

Wikipedia writes: "In the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the term is commonly used by defenders of Israel. They accuse of moral equivalence those who describe acts of Palestinian terrorism, such as suicide bombing against civilians, on one hand, and the retaliatory acts of the Israeli Defense Forces, on the other, as equally reprehensible." 

Personally, I believe that if you don't fight back, regardless of what the onlookers say, that is morally reprehensible.

Wikipedia also writes:  "International conflicts are sometimes viewed similarly, and interested parties periodically urge both sides to conduct a ceasefire and negotiate their differences. However these negotiations may prove difficult in that both parties in a conflict believe that they are morally superior to the other, and are unwilling to negotiate on basis of moral equivalence."

Today, we don't hear the term "moral equivalence' come up much in the talking points of the political debates between the pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli.  Perhaps because it is like playing Tic Tac Toe over and over again without any winner. People come in and do not really know what the fight is about, or who actually holds the high ground; they just know they want it to stop. Viola! The moral equivalence argument is brought to bear.  They no longer mention the phrase "moral equivalence" but they treat the conflict as such.

When we are talking about a conflict that involves God's will for the summing up of all things in Messiah Yeshua, we should not expect anything about it to controversy free.  Israel has always been the central focus of spiritual warfare and it will remain so to the very end when Yeshua must return.

I believe that because America has acted so often as if there was moral equivalence in the terrorist actions against Israel, and Israel defending itself by targeting terrorist heads and cells, that has opened the United States up to our current state.  In recent administrations, only in the Bush administration was the American policy an adamant:  Israel has the right to defend itself.

Both the Clinton administration and the Obama administration have applied the diplomatic strategy that both sides are equally at fault and must come to the table and compromise.  Both the Clinton and Obama administrations opened the door allowing terrorist organizations to fund raise and propagandize radical Islam freely in the United States. 

This was predictable from before Obama's election in 2008 - I and others did predict that Obama would set back the U.S. war on terrorism by decades.  What we did not predict is how fast and furious this administration could bring us to the brink of ruin.  That is the thing about spiritual deception once it gets rolling downhill it multiplies.

Americans have yet to come to the realization of how vulnerable this administration has made us to welcoming Islamists among us but for certain we all will come to realize it in the days ahead just as those in the UK and EU have begun to awaken to their Islamist nightmares.

The argument over who holds the high ground is not winning the day, in case anyone in Israel hasn't noticed....and I know they have because I hear the complaint all the time that Israeli is just not being effective in getting their narrative out.  The reason that is so is because all the opposition is not about effective narratives, it is about spiritual warfare.

Those who do not understand that the opposition that is risen against Israel is the spiritual strategy to destroy Israelis before Israelis can be saved will never understand the dynamics of the conflict surrounding Israel.

God is not going to allow Israel to be destroyed, but that does not mean many Israelis will not lose their lives because of natural warfare.  Israelis will never again be plucked up from Israel and exiled.  According to God's word two times is His limit.  (Amos 9:14-15, Isaiah 11:11)

So that means if we will impact the battle, we must put our resources behind the spiritual battle that revolves around God's intentions, which is what ALL the opposition in the natural is really about.

When the order came from Pharaoh to kill all the little Hebrew babies in Egypt, it wasn't because the Hebrews babies did anything, it was because of the Deliverer that would arise from among them.  The same is true when Herod ordered the slaughter of the Hebrew babes in Jesus' day, because the Messiah King was arising from among them.

Today, there are deliverers filled with the Spirit of the Messiah who are rising in Israel for the salvation of Israel and the declaration of the coming kingdom of God ruled by Israel's hope, Messiah Yeshua. 

All of the warring is about this and this is what we must contend for spiritually.