Sunday, July 16, 2017

Remembering Israel's 1992 Mass Deportation of Sharia Supremacist Terrorists & Inciters

It is rather mind boggling all the things international opinion has forced Israel to put up with from the terrorist threat against them. Public opinion has always pushed them to make concessions to mortal enemies in order to achieve a little peace, but of course, the peace was never really part of the deal their enemies were prepared to give. 

This was underscored yesterday when I got a news email saying that after the terrorist attack that left two Druze Israeli policemen dead on the Temple Mount, that Netanyahu was going to put into effect some long overdue security measures: 1. A metal detector checkpoint for Muslims entering the Temple Mount and 2) security cameras with a view of the outside of the Temple Mount.

I remember in 1992 when Israel rounded up all the terrorist figures they knew of in the country, 400+ of them and deported. This was in the Rabin government and the action was taken because of the murders of six Israeli Security Military Forces. 

The inciters were mostly taken from prisons where they were serving sentences, but some were taken from their residences. They lived in camps outside of the borders and international press teams flocked to them to hear their sob story about mean old Israel. That these Hamas and other terrorist operatives worked continuously to create chaos within the nation of Israel was of no interest to the international press. The nations did not care about that part. They only cared about "the poor Palestinians".

There are so many real events that have taken place when the nations forced Israel not to protect its own best interests - the returning of the Sinai, giving over Gaza to enemy control, leaving Muslims in control on the Temple Mount. It is always concessions, concessions, concessions and always on Israel's part, Palestinians getting a free ride thanks to the nations.

I have said many times that I believed that as the nations have done to Israel, so the nations will be forced to taste their own medicine first hand. You can see this throughout Europe and the UK. You can see the same thing forming up here in the US as the intimidation strength of Sharia Supremacy continues to arise in America. 

Remembering the Israeli deportation of the terrorism activists in 1992, I am certain that before long some of the European nations will screw up enough courage to begin to deport the Muslim Sharia Supremacists within their countries and they are going to taste the full brunt of international outrage by the media and the Leftists. I believe they will be forced to give up their quest of ridding their nations of complete chaos and Islamist takeover.

I don't say that prophetically. I only say that it is the pattern that I have been observing develop before my eyes for several years. I say this as someone who knows the history of Israel through watching current events and news regarding Israel and Islam for several decades now. 

What I have been seeing in recent years is how the nations are reaping what they have sown against Israel concerning Islamist terror warfare. I see no reason why this deportation incident will not be repeated in the nations who are now overrun with Islamic enemies within that they at first welcomed and coddled. As they forced Israel not to deal with Islamic terrorism effectively and decisively, so they will not be able to either.

Nothing should turn back Israel's determination to execute these security measures on the Temple Mount.

Donna Diorio
July 16, 2017