Friday, October 10, 2008

Eye Witness to the Holy Land Foundation Re-Trial, Week 3

HLF Trial
Update & Prayer Points

October 10, 2008
Now On Emergency Footing

There is a critical ruling coming from Judge Solis next Tuesday (10/14/08) that we need to be in prayer about heavily over the next few days as attorneys file for the case against Ghassan Elashi to be dropped on double-jeopardy grounds, and/or for a mistrial to be declared for all five defendants and the other four defendants’ cases to be severed from Elashi.

Defendants’ attorneys took issue with the testimony late Wednesday evening of FBI Special Agent Robert Miranda that InfoCom, a company owned by Elashi with four of his brothers, did business with a U.S. government designated Hamas terrorist who figures prominently in this case as well. Defense attorneys argue that the testimony went too close to disclosing to the jury that Ghassan Elashi is currently serving prison time for a conviction on terrorism related charges.

Read more in Jason Trahan’s Dallas Morning News coverage here. Also Trahan’s back filings on this trial here.

Please pray for justice to prevail. The prosecutor and FBI agent are both professionals who understand what can cause cases to be thrown out completely – so it may be the defense attorneys are trying to make it seem they over-stepped even if they did not get into actual double jeopardy territory. This may be chest thumping and screaming by the defense in order to make the judge fear making the wrong ruling, a ruling which can be overturned in appeals.

Pray for the boldness of the prosecutors and prosecution witnesses to continue and for boldness in the Judge’s seat – that he would be granted uncanny wisdom in judging all matters of the case. Evidence has been very strong and is being presented in a way that an average citizen can follow and see the truth. This must be striking fear into the hearts of the defense. Pray for that to continue and for the truth to prevail and all the schemes of the enemy to be foiled.

Pray for the jury to not get caught up in anything but executing righteous judgment in the matter being presented to them. For the personal baggage that each brings into deliberations to be overwhelmed with a hunger for justice and truth to prevail – and for the safety issues of Americans to be upheld.

To this point I have asked you not to post this information on the web or in blogs but now I am going to reverse that and ask for you to spread these HLF Trial Prayer Reports as far and wide as you can. Before I was interested in not broadcasting our prayer strategies to those who are not praying with us. That has proven not to work, so with spiritual counsel, I am going in the other direction. Sometimes it is safer to go more public than less public.

I am encouraging you to not only forward these mailings but also to publish them on web sites and blogs. You may also publish the earlier couple of weeks of reports, too. If you have any questions on which ones, just drop me an email.

The trial gets underway again on Tuesday, Oct 14, which is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles (which relates to the ingathering of the harvest).

These are tumultuous times in which we are living, and fear is all around but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. Pray for those who are involved in this trial as ministers of righteousness in the spirit of Romans 13:4-5, to be strong, courageous, bold, cunning and wise. Pray confusion and fear into the camp of the enemy, so that they may not stand as the justice of God is released through these proceedings.


Anders said...

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IsraelWatcher said...

Anders, I think you took a wrong turn on the information highway and you aren't very good at reading the street signs.

This blog post is about a terrorism financing trial and not at all related to your 'interesting' theological beliefs.

You need to move on down the road to site that wants to debate theology.

That is not what I do here and you are out of line to interfere with my efforts to keep people informed about the Hamas terrorism financing trial in progress. What? Are you FOR Hamas being able to raise funds in the U.S. for terror attacks?

If not, then go elsewhere with your religious cult debating.