Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Soldier's Story

An Arab pastor, the frequent guest speaker at a Tel Aviv Messianic congregation, is seen here blessing the IDF soldiers from congregation who are about to enter the 2008-09 Gaza War.

Over the past 9 years of receiving the weekly prayer requests from the ministries of Israeli Jewish believers, we have seen countless requests for prayers for the children of ministry leaders and congregants serving in the Israeli army right out of high school.

Sometimes these prayers were expressed with anxiety that only a parent who sees their... See More child going into an extremely dangerous assignment knows. We've had prayer requests for children being sent into some of the most dangerous terror nests in the Palestinian territories, and prayer requests for children sent into combat zones, like Lebanon and Gaza.

One thing I know about all the believing parents who ever requested prayer for their children, they believed with all their hearts that the Israeli military is the most ethical, moral fighting force in the world. I believe that as well.

Much of the world believes the myth of Israeli Defense Forces as dirty, rotten b%st#rds killing everything that moves. Those are lies from the accuser of the brethren, and if you believe the terrorist propaganda over what the Body of Messiah in Israel testifies to be the truth, then you need to do some serious soul and fact searching.

Please watch this video which corresponds with the testimony we have received from the believers of Israel for many years concerning the military their children serve in.

Also, we recommend you read the book by Mosab Hassan Yosef, "Son of Hamas".

The son of a founder and spiritual leader of the Hamas terror group, Mosab became a counter-terrorism spy for the Israelis after witnessing for himself the difference between Hamas and the Israeli military. His story is one that Christians who sympathize with Hamas need to read. FACEBOOK: Son of Hamas

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