Monday, February 7, 2011

What is going on in Egypt?

What is the reality behind the two weeks of turmoil that has rocked that nation?

by Eddie Santoro,
Zion's Glory in Jerusalem

The most simplistic although incorrect answer is that Egypt is passing through a radical transformation from an autocratic dictatorship into a democracy. Inherent in this explanation is the belief that we are witnessing a spontaneous people's movement whose primary goal is the establishment of a society where personal freedom will be guaranteed. Unfortunately, this ignores a long history that has already been played out in numerous other Middle Eastern nations. The cost of substituting illusion for reality can be very high. Before World War II, Europe chose to placate the evil that was in front of them and as a result nearly eighty million people were killed!

Although the situation in Egypt is confusing at best, it is obvious that there are many different groups that are vying for power and each is committed to achieving its own end. The short list of some of these forces are the Mubarak government, the National Democratic Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian military, the Iranian Government and the governments of Europe and the United States. The United States and Europe desire to see a new Egypt with a viable democracy. The military desires to see an Egypt where they are still controlling the government and the economy. The National Democratic Party has been a force in opposition to military control. The Mubarak government seeks to continue to rule and control the nation as it has done for the past 30 yrs. Iran would like to bring Egypt under its sphere of influence, as it has with Syria and Lebanon.

The Muslim Brotherhood opposes democracy and religious freedom and is committed to the destruction of Israel. Their passionate desire is to see Egypt join the brotherhood of radical Islamic states that are both nondemocratic and the primary exporters of terror in today's world. The willingness of the United States to commend the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the current round of negotiations with the emerging Egyptian government is a blatant example of ignoring reality for the sake of "democracy". Yesterday's reports by the Western press of an ecumenical service between Christians and Muslims belies the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has been the primary force behind the recent series of terror attacks on Christian churches in Egypt.

The stark reality is that the goals of these factions do not mix! There is no way that a government that embraces the Islamic, fundamentalist world view can also endorse freedom of religion or democracy. An Egypt that has the Muslim Brotherhood in its government can not maintain a policy of peace with Israel.

A new Egypt will emerge from this turmoil. The only question is what will it look like. What seems clear is that the United States and Europe are not dealing with the reality of the situation. And in the end, it could be these errors (if they are not corrected) that will give some of the other players in this complex drama the advantage they need to achieve their very negative goals.

Europe and the United States represent the highest level of democratic expression that the world has every known. Free expression along with the belief in God given human rights and the existence of secular as opposed to theocratic governments have allowed the citizens of these countries to flourish on every level. And yet as good as democracy has been for these nations, it is a serious error to believe that all human beings ultimately desire this form of government.

The fact is that many people do not share in the Western world's love of democracy. The Islamic world looks upon America's great experiment in freedom as a total failure that has allowed the development of "the Great Satan"; the United States and "the Small Satan"; Israel. They perceive these great democracies as expressions that have opened humanity to unbelievable levels of sin, immorality and evil. Ultimately, they view these societies as "dangerous" and to be exploited in their quest to destroy them and achieve world domination.

Historical Evidence
The ability of these Islamic groups to exploit past governmental upheavals and to use them to achieve their own goals is clearly portrayed throughout recent history. In 1979, secular forces were instrumental in the overthrow of the ruling autocratic government of the Shah in Iran. Although "democracy" was the battle cry of this uprising, the fundamentalist Islamic forces quickly overtook the government. In a few short years, what had been a marginal force in Iran, successfully established a ruthless Islamic theocracy. Today Iran is the primary exporter of fundamentalist Islamic jihad and terror on the earth.

In 2006, the United States and Europe, in the name of "democracy", forced the Palestinian Authority to hold "free and fair" elections. Israel understood the dangers of this ill conceived policy, but the lofty goals of democracy prevailed. The Islamic terrorist group Hamas gained a majority in the Gaza Strip in that election and used its majority in the following year to violently seize control of the government. America and Europe's idealism, along with its inability to evaluate the reality in Gaza helped to create a theocracy that today ruthlessly oppresses religious freedom, social expression, any form of woman's rights and exports Jihad terror into Israel and other nations of the earth.

In 1976 in Lebanon, Hezbollah was established as a Islamic resistance force against Israel. At that time, there was religious freedom in Lebanon with a large Christian population living at peace with their Islamic neighbors. Beirut was considered to be the "Paris" of the Middle East. America pushed for the establishment of a true democracy and believed that Lebanon would serve as an example for a "New Middle East". America achieved its goal; elections were held and Hezbollah gained a foothold in the Lebanese government.

Over the years, Hezbollah used a campaign of murder, terror, assassination and alliances with other Islamic nations to gain power in that country. Christians fled the growing Islamic domination and Lebanon suffered a long and deadly civil war. The final chapter of this great experiment in a "new and democratic Middle East" was written last month. Hezbollah, gained control of the government through the democratic parliamentary process. Now that this Islamic fundamentalist, Jihad force is in control, there is little doubt that the days of democracy are numbered in Lebanon. This nation will soon take its place along with Iran and Hamas in exporting fundamentalist Islam and Jihad in its quest for world domination.

Turkey is a nation that was very similar to Egypt. It was committed to a secular government and was even a friend to Israel. Over the years, the Islamic party gained a foothold in that nation's democracy and today, the government is being ruled by an Islamic party. Although outwardly Turkey still tries to express itself as a friend of the West and a nation that is dedicated to democracy, the reality is that it is quickly moving its center to the fundamentalist Islamic world. Its secular court system and army are being filled with Islamists and Its probable future is as another fundamentalist Islamic nation, which ultimately will devote itself to the overthrow of Western, democratic values.

The Future
The above historical examples should serve as a very powerful wake up call and reality check for Europe and the United States. The unrest that was originally started as a secular freedom movement in Egypt is already being co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood. Over the past two weeks, they have become an increasing presence in the current unrest. They do not share in the dream of a democratic Egypt but their goal is to create another oppressive, theocratic government that will take its place as a part of the growing radical, Islamic world coalition.

History teaches that it is imperative to not allow non-democratic forces to participate in a democracy. They do not share its values but use those values to gain their ends. Through illegal means of terror, murder and fear, they will gain a majority in that democracy. Their final democratic action will be to abolish that democracy for the theocratic, oppressive government that they really believe in. To ignore this basic truth will doom to failure every democratization effort. Whether it be the Nazi rise to power, the tragic history of Iran or the recent ascent of Hezbollah to its place of dominance in Lebanon, the same lesson is evident and cannot be ignored.

Throughout the earth, the forces of good and evil are locked in an end time battle for world domination. We know that our struggle is not against natural forces, but against wickedness and evil in high places. This is a critical hour! The future of Egypt is still undecided. Let us not grow weary in the battle. Let us be people who recognize evil and stand as a force against it. Let us pray and intercede that the governments of the West will recognize the reality of what is happening. Pray that we will see victory in our day. Our prayers do make a difference.

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amen! eddie's analysis is clear and i hope many read it!