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MOSQUES, MINARETS AND MILITARY TRAINING: What happens in Israel, doesn't stay in Israel

A Guest Column and Call to Prayer from Israel

Have you heard Israel described as the canary in the coal mine? It is a spiritual truth that I have seen repeatedly bear out, especially in terms of the struggle that Israel has been forced to wrestle with against the demonic force of Islamic terrorism.

Western nations thought (and still think!) that Israel's problems with Islamist terrorists is a territorial dispute that doesn't directly concern them. We couldn't have been more wrong. The Islamist-political agenda is the same for Western nations as it is for Israel: Increase until Islamists are able to bring the nation under submission to Islam or the infidels must die. It is only "stealth jihad" until the turning point has arrived in their increase of numbers and power.

In this article, Uzi talks about noticing a multiplication of mosques and minarets only 3 miles from his ministry and home Alfei Menashe. (The heavy concentration of mosques and minarets being built in Palestinian Authority-held Qalquilya is pictured below.)

For every American or European who has been concerned over the raising up of mega-mosques in their nations in areas where there is not Muslim population to support it, this article holds a key to understanding what is going on under the cover of religion.

What happens in Israel, doesn't stay in Israel.
- Donna Diorio

by By Uzi Lotan of Beit Hallel House of Praise
in Alfei Menashe, Samaria,Israel
April 25th, 2011

On the evening of February 18th, after formally filing the papers for Ukrainian citizenship, Mr. Dirar Abu-Seesi, the 42 year-old Jordanian-born Deputy Engineer for the Gaza Strip's sole electrical plant, was making his way by train to Kiev airport. His intention was a reunion with his brother Youssef, who was residing in the Netherlands. Just outside the city of Poltava, two men, whom Abu-Seesi's family believes were Ukrainian security agents, entered the train and removed Dirar. After that, he disappeared. His Ukrainian wife, Veronica, who was in the Ukraine at the time as well, didn't hear from him for a week. During that period of silence, she summoned the Ukrainian Press and stated that the Israeli Mossad had kidnapped her husband.

In a live interview with YouTube World View and Israel Channel Two News, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially admitted that Abu-Seesi is in Israeli custody. Netanyahu added that Abu Seesi is a Hamas activist, and that he has disclosed valuable information. Israeli officials were insinuating earlier that Abu Seesi was involved in weaponry development for the terrorist movement.

On April 4, 2011, Abu Seesi was indicted in a court in Beer Sheba, charged with "membership in a terrorist organization, conspiracy to commit a crime, the production of illegal weaponry, assistance to an illegal organization and various other crimes".

According to the indictment, Abu Seesi was the central developer of the Qassam rocket, among other rockets and anti-tank missiles, and was responsible for upgrading older rockets for Hamas. As the commander of Hamas' Military Academy, he designed, wrote and implemented the curriculum for those attending the Military Academy.

It is this last charge, being the Architect, Founder and Commander of Hamas' Military Academy, which is our focal point this time.

The Abu-Seesi story makes more than just a good, old fashioned and exiting classical Spy Story. It gives us insight into another aspect of Islam's dark tactics: everything Evil and Deadly is done in secret. Inside and underneath what we would call "A House of Prayer"!

In the past six months or more, we have started noticing an unprecedented amount of Mosques and Minarets being erected around us: in the six Palestinian-Muslim Villages surrounding Alfei Menashe, as well as in the large Palestinian Authority city next to us - Qalqilyah. It was not only the sheer number that caught our attention, but their proximity to each other. Being amazed by the phenomena, we asked ourselves:

"Hmm... OK, our neighbours are becoming more devout, but why do they need a mosque for every half-a-block of houses??"

The truth is, that somehow, deep down inside, we started feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Mosques and Minarets in Qalqilyah.
"Skeleton" means in the process of being constructed

In March-April this year, the cat came out of the bag:
we started hearing some of Abu-Seesi's "confessions". We heard more details of his account, as the Hamas' Commander of their Military Academy.

The strategy was/is to build more mosques, compacted together, in every Palestinian city, town and large village. The idea being to establish in and under every mosque, AND BETWEEN THEM, Military Schools, as well as workshops for manufacturing missiles, rockets and other Self Propelled Weaponry, such as RPG's and other Anti-Tank, armour-penetrating rockets!

So, here we have it: they are not necessarily becoming more devout to their God, Allah, but more devout to their Theology and Philosophy of worshiping Death. As the Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said over two years ago, during Operation Cast Lead: "We value death as much as Jews and Christians value life".

As a result of Israel's Cast Lead Operation in Gaza, in December 2008, after thousands of Qassam Rockets were fired deliberately on Israeli towns and civilian population, the UN's Human Rights Commission appointed the Goldstone Commission of Inquiry. The commission's mandate was "to investigate Israel's War Crimes during Cast Lead".

We will not go into the injustice of the mandate itself, however, we will mention, that one of the points that the Commission raised was the fact that Israel unlawfully bombarded some mosques in Gaza. Israel proved that not only Mortar Bombs AND Missiles were fired from these mosques, but that they were used as underground Ammunition Factories. As a result they exploded big time, unlike some innocent Houses of Prayer!

And since Hamas "saw that it was good" after the Goldstone Report, they have made it into an improved, well-structured and efficient strategy - everywhere, believing that Israel will never take the risk of bombarding another mosque, because this will add clout to the De-legitimization Campaign against her.

IF IT CAN HAPPEN HERE - IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE Guess what? The issue is no longer Israel alone: if Mosques and Minarets, and everything inside, underneath and between them, are used for the purposes of ammunition manufacturing and storing, as well as military training grounds and schools for their troops here, they can do the same everywhere - in every large city. In New York, in Mufreesboro, Tennessee, or in Paris, in London, in Madrid and in Dublin!

Just good, Middle Eastern food for thought: Understanding what is taking place around us, means being in possession of wise, Godly Discernment, and of understanding "the signs of the times" - not only here, in Israel, but everywhere.

THE SOLUTION: PRAYER, PRAYER and MORE PRAYER! For God to give us all - including our Spiritual and Political Leaders - a good measure of discernment, understanding and wisdom. The ability to see things the way they really are, and what their implications and consequences will be.

GOD'S WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: In this article the word "Minarets" was mentioned several times. It was mentioned in connection to the Muslim Mosques. The minarets are actually Towers. Thank God, He has already provided His own tower - for eternal safety:

"The name of the LORD is a Strong Tower:
the righteous run to it, and they are safe"
(Proverbs 18:10).

So in these turbulent times, let us never forget this wonderful option: He is always there!

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Eddie (The Missionary) said...

Thanks for the heads-up, but I'm afraid many Believers are too busy to take heed. Many are currently trying to prove that Easter is a pagan holiday, the pros and cons pertaining to Illuminati, the true name of G-d, keeping the law, keeping the Shabbat, etc, etc, etc. But, as for me and my house... we appreciate the heads-up. We are watching and praying accordingly.