Monday, January 30, 2012

Wannsee: Evil Gets Organized

by Eddie Santoro in  Jerusalem
Ahavat Yeshua Congregation (The Love of Yeshua) 
Zion’s Glory and Tikkun Ministries

It happened 70 years ago. The date was January 20, 1942. For the first time since the outbreak of World War II in 1939 and the subsequent blitzkrieg conquest of Europe, the Nazi war machine was having difficulties. The drive to occupy Moscow had stalled, being held up by the long and hard Russian winter. At the same time, the British troops had a series of victories in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, the United States had all but renounced its neutrality and had started supplying the Allied Forces with much needed armaments while it began mobilizing for its soon entry into the war.

But even as the German political and nationalistic goal of establishing the “Third Reich” was beginning to crumble,  the true satanic goal of this war; the destruction of the Jewish people was accelerating. Satan knew that in order to stop God's plan to return the Messiah, there could not be an Israel. The Jewish people had to be destroyed.

On that January day, Germany's top ranking officials gathered for the "Wannsee Conference" in Berlin to formulate a "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”. The Nazi machine had already gathered most of the Jews of Europe into squalid ghettos and concentration camps. They had been denied all human rights and thousands were dying daily of starvation and disease. But the imprisonment, dehumanization and gradual destruction of the Jewish people was not enough.

In light of the weakening war effort, a more certain means of their total destruction needed to be implemented. The goal of this evil gathering was to find the quickest and most efficient way to murder all of the Jewish people in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

This planned Holocaust was not a new strategy. Time and again the Jewish people had been attacked and murdered for the crime of being Jewish. Pharaoh had attempted to destroy them in the days of  Moses' birth. Herod had taken his turn at the time of Yeshua's birth. And throughout later history the Jewish people had suffered persecution, expulsion and death at the hands of every “civilized” European nation.

But now at this moment, right before the time that God had determined to rebirth the State of Israel, Satan's servant Hitler and his demonic organization gathered to plan the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”. It was at the "Wannsee Conference" that leaders such as Himmler, Eichmann, Muller and twelve other high Nazi officials finalized the idea of building death camps throughout Europe and the mass transportation by rail of the Jewish people to their appointment with death. Never in history had the mass murder of so many millions of people been transformed into a precise and almost business like undertaking. Actual documents from the conference (pictured above) numbered an incredible 11,000,000 people who were set apart to be murdered!

But now at this moment, right before the time that God had determined to rebirth the State of Israel, Satan's servant Hitler and his demonic organization gathered to plan the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”. 

Over the following years, the "Final Solution" would become operational through the construction of death camps. Auschwitz, Triblanca, Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald and Dauchow, just to mention a few, are today infamous for the horror that was carried out within them. Their sole purpose was the systematic and efficient annihilation of millions of Jews along with any other people that the Nazi's found undesirable. 

Highlighting the fact that the primary demonic goal of World War II was the destruction of the Jewish people is the reality that in the later years of the war, as the German war effort was being stopped, the number of those being murdered increased. The ovens continued to burn non stop until the last minute. It was as if Satan knew that his time was short and his desire to accomplish his goal manifest in an obsession by the Nazis to complete their evil work before they were defeated.

Not too much has changed since then. The primary goal of the powers of darkness is still to prevent the return of the Messiah. And as always the means of accomplishing this goal is through the destruction of the Jewish people.
Today antisemitism has taken on a new name. In much of the world, hating Jewish people just because they are Jewish is politically incorrect.  So in response to this new found sensitivity, the enemy of God has found a more palatable way of presenting his goal. The new face of antisemitism is now anti Israel. You do not have to hate the Jewish people and try to kill them which would brand you anti-Semitic. Rather, you can just stand against Israel and work toward its destruction. This will be enough to prevent the fulfillment of God's great plan for this earth. But in the end there is no difference. To hate Israel is to hate the Jewish people.

The new face of antisemitism is now anti Israel.
 Today there is a never ending campaign to delegitimize and criminalize and ultimately destroy the nation of Israel. Whether it is Iran's threat to remove Israel from the earth, or the unending condemnation in the United Nations, or the Islamic Jihad which openly calls for the destruction of Israel and the removal of the “cancerous Jews”, or European democracies that look upon the one democratic nation in the Middle East and condemn it while overlooking the horrendous behavior of the nations that surround it, the truth cannot be denied. The enemies of God are once again taking aim at their age old target. It is Israel that represents God's faithfulness and it is Israel to which Yeshua must return.

Seventy years ago fifteen people from just one nation gathered together to plot the destruction of God's “Chosen People”. Their actions were the expression of the Kingdom of Darkness upon the planet Earth. Today, it is not the leaders of just one nation but rather it is the nations of the world that are gathering against Israel.

As the Day of the Lord draws nearer, the anger and hatred of the enemies of God is increasing. Our Bible tells us that there will be one last, great gathering of all the nations  against Israel. The Bible also tells us that in the last hour, as Jerusalem is being destroyed, the Messiah will return.

Yeshua's feet will touch down in the Jewish city of Jerusalem and the “Lion from the Tribe of Judah” will make war against the very ones who are attempting to destroy his beloved Israel. He who guards Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. He has written her name upon the palm of his hand and as a mother cannot forget her firstborn son, he will come to save his people. 

In this day and at this time, even as we remember the evil of the past, let those of us who love God and love his Word arise to stand with the nation and people of Israel. May each of us take our place on the wall and with one loud voice proclaim God's love and purpose in these challenging days. May we stand united;Jew and Gentile, that the world may know that He is Lord.


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