Friday, June 7, 2013

Willful Ignorance is a Betrayal to the Body of Messiah

As a rule, I try to stay as much as possible on the good news of what God is doing among the believer-citizens of Israel, but I become aware of things going on that are absolutely mind-blowing. Yesterday one of those things came to my attention and it is just something that must be addressed.

I received a ministry email from one of the Christian organizations headquartered in Israel gushing about meeting with the mayor of Arad, a lady by the name of Tali Ploskov, who this Christian organization said was “visibly moved” when they told her that Christians all over the world were donating so they could help feed 150 needy families in Arad.

Now this Christian organization is not ignorant of all the persecution that has been going on against the Jewish believers in Arad. Somehow they are willing to turn a blind eye to what the Arad mayor and the ultra-Orthodox are doing to daily harass the believers in Arad. That is called WILLFUL IGNORANCE. 

Why would the Christian organization ignore what is being done to persecute the Jewish believers in Arad, and not only that, why would they deny helping the needy believers in Arad and go straight to the seat of power in Arad to curry favor by donating to feeding program? 

Now I believe they will say that they believe they are supposed to make Israel jealous by their faith and good works in the name of Jesus, but what a deception it is!

To take a position of willful ignorance about how the Arad city authorities are persecuting Jewish believers in Yeshua/Jesus in their city, speaks louder than the donations that those authorities are more than willing to relieve the Christian orgs of. 

Only those walking in self-deception could convince themselves that it will make unsaved Jews jealous of the Christian faith by making donations to the persecutors while ignoring the persecuted of that city who share the faith of Messiah Yeshua. How crazy is it to think those unsaved Jews aren’t looking at the complete DISREGARD of Arad’s Jewish believers in Jesus. Does the Christian organization honestly believe that the Jews will value the food over the treatment of Jewish believers? 

If you want to make unsaved Jews jealous, then you will lavish care on the saved Jews! But those who remain in this deluded state of willful ignorance will continue to be exploited by Mayor Ploskov and others, who see the donations as coming from suckers who naively think it is persuading them how great the Christian faith is. 

As long as Christian organizations place their “special” relationships with Israeli authorities and religious heads who are not of the faith of Jesus in such an extreme priority over the household of faith among the Jewish Israelis, they will continue to work AGAINST the heart of God for the salvation of Israel. It is arrogance, because these organizations cannot claim ignorance. They are well aware and have been told many times. 

The LORD is longsuffering because He gives people plenty of time to repent and change their ways. But finally He brings judgment on willful ignorance and working against His will.

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