Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush visits Israel Holocaust Museum

For everyone who has heard bad things about Bush toward Israel, please read this touching article from an Israeli report on his visit to the Holocaust Museum yesterday.

Bush visits Yad Vashem museum

While touring the museum Bush asked why the U.S. had chosen to refrain from bombing Auschwitz to stop the mass murdering of Jews and Sec of State Rice explained to him they made their decision based on not wanting to be seen in the war just to be helping the Jews. Which Bush answered, "We should have bombed it."

A top Israeli Holocaust scholar says it is the first time an American president has made this acknowledgment.

Bush was seen misty eyed several times during the tour of the overwhelming evidence of the demonic hatred of the Jews experienced last century in Germany.

This is a friend of Israel who has not been given his due for stands taken with God for the Chosen People. At least in Israel, many--even a majority--recognize this leader as the friend of Israel that he truly is. God bless President Bush, and God bless the United States of America who has been safe harbor for Jews from throughout the Diaspora (exile).

At the end of the re-election of George W. Bush to serve a second term, the Holy Spirit spoke in our local Israel Prayer meeting that it was not too early to begin to pray for the person who would enter the White House next to lead our nation, and to be the most powerful leader in all the nations of the world. We were to pray for someone who could take the stand that President Bush has begun for the United States and carry it forward in the will of God--continuing to be a true friend and ally to Israel, and not to shrink back from the battle that is hard against us in Islamic terrorism.

Please continue to pray that God will make His choice of man to lead the United States into the future, to safeguard our freedoms and stand as beacon of justice to the oppressed of the world. There is nothing impossible with God. He can take our current divisions and melt our hearts behind His chosen vessel to lead this nation in His purposes. Pray that those who call on the name of the Lord would hearken to His leading in this important national election.

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