Monday, January 7, 2008

Election Watch: Judicial Appointments

1-2-08 Judicial Appointments a critical factor in this Presidential cycle

Last week an appeals judge in the 7th District courts overturned an award against the Hamas fundraisers, the Holy Land Foundation, and others that had been won by the parents of a 17 year old American boy who was murdered in a suicide bombing in Israel.

The judges who are appointed by the next president of the United States, and those he will bring into office riding on his political coattails is of the utmost importance. This is true in terrorism cases and in abortion cases.

If the candidate for president is likely to make liberal appointments to the bench, this is exactly where we stand to lose the most. In my opinion, it is the judicial system of this country that is heart of most of the ethical battles we are waging and will be waging in the near future. We must elect officials who will turn the tide of judicial decisions.

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